Fiberchannel deployment in Gavarda’s bridge

Thursday, after a long time without going out at night (with the usual group, some little thing I have done in the camp), we went to the bridge of Gavarda (an old known). We are looking for lightnings, but they decided not to come. Augusto told Carles: “Take a picture of us, please, David and I started dating together (to take pictures) a long time ago and we have few photos together.” Said and done … this is the result:

The soundtrack is a classic that I have remembered this camp:


Yesterday it all kicked off, I was watching “Vigilados: Person of Interest” (that I recommend) and I reacted late. I take out the tripod, the camera, I mount everything from the balcony of my house and started shooting (also seeing big lightning between two takes). As I arrived late storm was…

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Musical Photos

On October 19 new musicians got together with Alberto and Augusto with the mission of taking pictures of the new musicians for the libretto of Santa Cecilia. Alberto is responsible for the “traditional” picture ended up being a photo from a very original perspective (which is ultimately where you can…

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