Light angels

Light angels
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Yesterday we went shopping with a new guest (Miriam) and Augusto.

I was not very new but bought a bike, the custom … and it was in my size:

[ ƒ/7.1 Canon EOS 7D 12mm 100 347s]

Hahaha, I cheated you? Here you have the real from which we create the world that you can see above. Obviously I do model, Augusto paints and Miriam help with gadgets:

The night was productive, we have another take, on this model Miriam, I’m on the red background light with a flash and a red paper, and Augusto paints the entire scene:

[ ƒ/7.1 Canon EOS 7D 12mm 100 406s]

The soundtrack will be according to the new acquisition, no? classic rock, but equaly important to remember (Steppenwolf – Born To Be Wild):

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